I just feel so grateful to you! I can’t wait to cycle through these plant-based meal plans for the remainder of my ultramarathon training, and see the results continue to come.

Lora is a life-changer – the recipes are nutritious and delicious, with a satisfying blend of herbs and spices to kick the strongest sweet tooth! No need for sugar at finals!?  WHO AM I?

I have become stronger and better nourished for my miles, and I have also cleared out some mental space from obsessing, over-spending, over-snacking, undereating, or feeling guilty and icky spiritually and physically from indulging in junk food. I feel nourished and at ease about what I’m putting into my body, and haven’t craved anything beyond what I have with me. Being well prepared was awesome! Oh, and I took your suggestion to give my pretzels to a friend for safe keeping.  I did, and haven’t missed them at all.

– Nate Stanis



From June to October of 2013, I have lost 30 pounds and feel the best I have ever felt in my life.

I met Lora Silver at a garden party that my Mom developed to teach youth about healthy nutrition, gardening and positive living. Lora facilitated a workshop on how to incorporate healthy eating habits into our lives. In the workshop we all were able to discuss our bad habits, cravings, and how we envisioned our eating habits changing for the better. Lora helped us look at food differently, and engaged the group in an open dialogue that helped me create a different mindset about my nutrition and lifestyle.

After the workshop, I decided that by the end of summer I wanted to feel incredible, and from that day forward my lifestyle choices would move in a more positive direction in regards to my health and well being.

I’m now at a place where I never thought I’d be, I feel motivated and personally empowered with Lora’s help.  Having phone meetings with Lora were definitely a great way to create and maintain realistic and achievable goals for myself.

During my journey to consciously recreate my health, I have adapted a gluten free lifestyle, which is something I can say I never expected to do. I have seen tremendous improvements in my health and outlook on life. I have also incorporated exercise and have watched my body transform.

Overall the work I have done with Lora has not only improved my health but my self-confidence, I’m more focused in school and have a positive outlook on life.

– Astin Williams

I was starting to feel real fatigue along with idiopathic neuropathy (unexplained tingling in my feet and toes). Generally, I was feeling depleted and having real energy issues.

What I love about her approach is that she truly listens, at a deep level, to what is sometimes not being said. Lora helped me better understand how to be truly loving to myself in a practical way. She made suggestions and invitations that were doable.

Lora knows when to nudge, when to allow, and most importantly, I felt that she took me in and had a real understanding of what makes me tick and what I have been longing for. Any coach that highly recommends napping during the day is all good with me!

I no longer experience the tingling: we suspect it disappeared as a result of cutting down on added sugars and eating for more balanced blood sugar throughout the day. I eat more grounding food now that helped me move from extreme fatigue to more centered energy throughout the day. I now better understand my own rhythms during the day and how I respond to different kinds of food, too.

P.S. Not necessarily a goal of mine: I have lost about 10lbs and have kept them off for the last 3-4 months.

– Luke Kreinberg


On Monday [after Friday’s Eating for Energy presentation], the office was abuzz with several people buying chickpeas over the weekend [after sampling roasted chickpeas at the talk], and one coworker brought in a container of oven-roasted chickpeas for everyone to try…I’ve bought a can as well, will be roasting it sometime this week.

I’m also sipping on a cup of hot water as I compose this email, and am going to tally my cups of water for this week =).

– Perry Chen, Therapist at Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) in San Francisco (attended CYW Eating for Energy lunch-and-learn, July 2014)