What if eating healthy was easy and freeing?

tomatobasketYou have an important meeting this morning: do you know what you should be eating for breakfast to feel on top of your game?

How do sugar and caffeine affect your energy, your sleep, your mood, and your workouts?

Do you know which foods love you back and leave you feeling your best? Do you know which foods you need to avoid when you want to lose a few pounds?

Which foods leave you craving more? Which foods leave you happily satisfied? What foods and lifestyle habits enable you to stop obsessing about your next meal and get on with your life?

You’re unique. There’s no one answer that fits for everyone. As a Certified Health Coach with a background in holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching, I help you discover the foods, habits, and practices that energize you.  When you work with me, you can expect to find your own answers to these questions and more.